About Us

The EkoEnergy-Group s.r.o. (Ltd.) Company was founded in 2007. Since then, we processed hundreds of energy audits, energy assessments, studies focused on energy management, energy certificates and other energy-related documents for our customers.

We perform industrial energy audits as well as audits of building complexes and standalone buildings. All our energy audits comply with Act no. 321/2014 Coll. on energy efficiency and Decree no. 179/2015 Coll. on energy audit. Except energy audits, we also do energy certification of buildings, as well as project assessments and expert opinions.

For municipalities, we also provide specialist consultancy services in energy management, as well as Heating management development concepts and Low carbon strategies.

We are capable of delivering all our reports in Slovak, Czech and English language.

Since 2019, we are Heat Supplier according to Heating Energy Act no. 657/2004 Coll. within stipulated areas in Pravenec and Dolné Vestenice.


The goal of our activities is to help organisations, communities and individuals in identifying inefficiencies in energy use, as well as in decision-making process focused on finding the best price, at which there are maximum achievable energy savings and the best economic indicators, while lowering total carbon footprint.

There is still certain awareness, which prioritizes focusing on different human activities than energy consumption. However, this awareness gradually changes together with ongoing challenges of humankind. These challenges are climate change and damage of environment by spreading garbage and generating emissions of pollutants.

The vast majority of energy still does not come from renewable sources, hence it is not clean. The total installed capacity of renewables is by far not sufficient to sustain humanity’s energy demand. It still won’t be in the next decades. It is therefore vital to decrease energy demand at the consumption side of the equation, alongside technologic advancements towards cleaner energy sources. By lowering energy demand, total carbon footprint will also decrease and the climate change process will slow down.

Services we offer to our customers not only help save money, but also decrease the negative impact of humanity on the environment and ecosystems. By delivering them, we improve the prospects for generations to come.