Does it seem you are losing money because of energy overconsumption? Do you need to verify it? Find out whether your facility is energy efficient and if not, know how to make it efficient, so that you don’t pay more than really necessary.

Usually, it is not a simple task for an organisation or a community to find out whether their facility is overusing energy or fuel. Even harder job is to identify opportunities and space to decrease such consumption. Thorough evaluation of the largest energy eaters requires proficiency in many technical fields. That is a demanding feat for anyone not targeted in such areas.

With our 13-year experience, we are going to prepare a complex energy audit for your industrial site, building complex, standalone building, energy source, technical equipment and/or a set of energy appliances. In return, you will get to know in which areas you are soon going to stop losing money. Also thanks to the fact that time is money, the sooner you get the information, the less money you lose in the end.

Energy audit is a tool, which helps you identify weak spots within the chain of energy production, distribution and consumption. Get your price offer today. You can find more information about what energy audit is and who is obligated to obtain one here.

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Have you just finished constructing or insulating a house, a block of flats, an office complex or any other type of building, while the only thing missing to get your final building approval is energy certificate? Simply hire us.

We perform energy certification of buildings according to Act no. 555/2005 Coll. on energy performance of buildings and associated Decree no. 364/2012 Coll.

We have all required technical fields covered for all categories of buildings. Energy certification is mandatory with each new building or a significantly improved one, but also in case of sale or rental of a building. It is also mandatory with all buildings of public administration, which have total floor area more than 250 sq. m and are frequently visited by the public. The energy certificate is a valid legal document in the final building approval obtainment process. Its validity period is 10 years.

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Prevent unexpected expenditures caused by energy overconsumption. Order regular efficiency check of your boilers and heating system.

Optimal operation of boilers and heating systems is never guaranteed by the sheer technical implementation. Even the most reliable systems suffer from failures or inefficient operation. Regular check of boilers and heating systems detects sources of problems regarding efficiency of operation. The result points you directly to the core of the problem as well as its solution.

According to the law, regular check is mandatory for owners of boilers and heating systems, from which the heat is delivered to subjects or people, who are not owners of the technology. There is no punishment involved if a check detects drawbacks. The result is a mere information about the source of money waste due to certain inefficacy. On the contrary, those irresponsible owners are penalised, who don’t get their systems checked. Regular intervals of mandatory check as stated by law are listed here.

This check is not boiler inspection focused on operational safety. We do not provide safety inspection.

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Do you need a heat management development concept or a low carbon strategy for your town or village? You are at the right place.

We prepare both types of documents. They are the basic pillars of transformation into a zero carbon society. Be one of the first really green cities in Slovakia and set the example for others. Find out, if there are possibilities for your town or village, such as using efficient renewable sources, implementation of combined heat and power (CHP) plant, installation of heat pumps, setup of charging stations for electric cars, introduction of a bike sharing system, carbon neutral public transportation or development of new green areas.

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We provide reliable heat and domestic hot water (DHW) delivery for our customers in Pravenec and Dolné Vestenice.

We deliver heat and DHW to our customers while ensuring safe, optimal and efficient operation of our heat sources and distribution pipelines. Flawless delivery is maintained by automatic boiler control systems as well as our employees. At the same time, we put a significant amount of effort into improving our heating systems.

We are bound by Act no. 657/2004 Coll. on heat energy to regularly publish operational data and values regarding heat delivery.

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